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The Empathy Project - Artificial Reality
The Empathy Project is an artificial reality project showing the importance of empathy, not only in our day to day live, but also on a grand scale. Our entire planet is dependent on our empathy. 
The project consists out of six posters with six matching animations. The posters represent a situation filled with empathy. All posters trigger an animation. The animations symbolize the situations without empathy.
The Everyverse - Animations for an interactive installation

The Everyverse is a universe where nothing does not exist. We (me and four other students of the AKV I st. Joost), made an entire installation about this very special place. The installation consist of three buttons and a screen. By using the buttons you can navigate your way through this universe. Above you can watch two animations from this installation. The first is an introductionary video, it explains the world and how the installation works. The second animation can be found by pressing a the sensory button, at a certain time. The animation sketches a world where one feels everything one can feel.

Language: English/Engels

The Dao - an animation - Chinese Philosophy
In this animation our Western point of view is compared to the Chinese way of thinking (Chinese philosophy according to Lao Tze,  Confucius and other great Chinese philosophers). The animation and voices are lighthearted to make such a serious and hard subject more accessible and understandable. 
Language: dutch/Nederlands
WWI - Animations
This animation is made in association with museum huis Doorn. It   tells the story of the only trenches from World War One in the Netherlands. The trenches where (fortunately) never used for warcrimes, since the Dutch where neutral. They where used by the Germans to patrol and keep an eye on the Netherlands, in case they decided to join the war. This video shows this story in a playful, lighthearted way.
Language: Dutch/Nederlands
This animations shows the effects Shell Shock Syndrome had on soldiers during WWI. Not much was known about mental health in this time. The conditions these soldiers had to face where harsh and scary. 
De Pont - Vertigo - Animation
This is an animation made for museum de Pont - Tilburg. It is based on a work they exhibit - Vertigo by Anish Kapoor. Vertigo is a big mirror that seems to transform you when you walk towards it. This animation captures the dizzying, wonderful, strange feeling you get when you walk towards it.
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